Monday, 21 March 2011

March on with Classic Comic Store!

March has been a good month for us here at Classic Comic Store, with lots of great advice on marketing to education – a channel through which we will very soon be looking to increase our interest and sales, as the classroom is the ideal place for the Classics Illustrated series.

A meeting with Newbury Weekly News - our local newspaper – has shown promise of CI appearing in its pages once again, which will generate valuable local interest, and our attention was drawn to the fact that the pantomime at Newbury’s Corn Exchange Theatre this Christmas will be Robin Hood - a great opportunity for us to showcase Classics Illustrated number 3!

Andrew at Apple Print has been very encouraging with our upcoming marketing plans and is offering several new ideas on marketing analysis. Apple Print has also been managing several new adaptations to our website of late – it’s looking great and we’re hoping to make it even better in the coming weeks.

We have had an increase in our wholesale orders from comic shops and booksellers across the UK over the last month – again, really great news!

March has also seen the release of our latest Classics Illustrated issue – number 29, Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. Another great medieval swashbuckler, telling the tale of a disgraced knight’s return from the Crusades. Along with Ivanhoe, we have released the next in the Classics Illustrated Junior reprint series – The Magic Servants. Find the full regular series here and the Juniors here.

That’s all for now – have a good week!