Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Classics Illustrated Update

It’s been a good few weeks here for Classic Comic Store – with design and pre-press work on the next four issues in the Classics Illustrated line out of the way we’ve really been focusing on our new wholesale website - it’s looking great and attracting retailers all the time!

New subscriptions have been coming in over the last couple of weeks, including a few more renewals following our email reminders – always great to keep providing our customers with new issues as they’re published. If you’d like to subscribe to the series, click here to go to the subs page.

The time for us to begin looking at our titles for our 4th year (!) publications is already upon us. We’ve selected issues up to number 39, including Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Dumas’ timeless masterpiece, The Count of Monte Cristo and our first Sherlock Holmes issue with A Study in Scarlet. All suggestions are considered – either comment on this post, or email us through the website here.

We’ve added all new cover galleries to the facebook page, as well as sneak previews of upcoming issues…

Also on the facebook page, we’ve now loaded up some of the plain cover artwork from our catalogue. These are great images and works of art in themselves!

As we sit here in our new offices at Apple Print, we have been watching our next four issues fall off the presses with great excitement –quite a view!

That’s it for now – more soon.